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The program that allows you to make your vision board life a reality!



Imagine if you can no longer resonate with the Sunday Scaries because you wake up every day feeling like a weekend because you LOVE what you do and you LOVE your life!

Imagine if you can embrace your weird side, speak your truth, and don't give a flying f*ck what people think because this is YOUR life and you're living what YOUR version of success looks like!

Imagine if you can wake up when you want, eat breakfast, and have your delicious coffee without running out the door. Travel when you want and go to a happy hour on a Monday at 12pm..



This is MY life - and it can be YOURS too!!



If you're like me and your version of success is time freedom..

You want more than being another number in a cubicle..

You want to use your time impacting and helping others rather than working for someone else's dream..

You want the freedom to wake up when you want, go to a doctor's appointment without begging for time off, and have more than 14 days for a vacation..


If you're looking to replace your unfulfilling 9-5 with your business or a business idea and truly make an income, make an impact and a lifestyle you’re obsessed with


If you’re a woman entrepreneur looking to get her lifestyle back and not feel like she’s working a 9-5 all over again, make more money, and have more fun in business and life..



Then my signature program, DREAM LIFE DESIGN, is meant for YOU!



I have a strong passion for guiding, coaching, and mentoring women to align identity and habits to your future self, build strong mindsets and empowering beliefs, gain unshakable self-trust, and help them step into the CEO seat that they were meant for.


Because let's be real, the world is a better place with women leaders. My mission and vision have now upgraded to building a movement of women to become badass CEOs while traveling the world and enjoying martinis on a Monday at noon, because you deserve all that and MORE!



This program has my ABC Framework which will help you..


Develop an unstoppable mindset by aligning with your future self, ensuring that new habits become second nature. This alignment empowers you to overcome fears and brings out your personal power so you can proactively pursue your dream business and lifestyle.

Learn to crush and reframe limiting beliefs so that you'll be able to overcome any challenges that may try and stop you, whether you're leaving the 9-5 or pivoting into your business

Create a sustainable plan to leave your 9-5 or pivot in your business so your goal is broken down into small, digestible chunks to better keep you consistent in reaching your goals.



This program, it includes..


Weekly voice check-ins, ask me anythings, and riffs that we do together to make sure that you have the accountability, mindset, and strategy to continue to move forward in your business.

There are also pre-recorded lessons and worksheets on all things mindset, money, personal development, your why, purpose, confidence, and so much more!

A bonus section with guides from the best of the best to help you get started with your busines such as masterclasses and sheets on mindset, retirement funds, health insurance, and all the other things that keep you up at night when you're thinking of leaving the nine to five and that feel that would stop you.





Will you be courageous enough to dream about what is possible for you?

Will you decide to take a commitment to something that feels scary and hard?

Will you do exactly what it takes to make it happen?

Are you willing to fail over and over again because you know that's the path to what you want?


Honestly, 98% of people are not willing to do those things, but the 2% who are will get to experience their own fairy tale, their own miracle, and their own kind of extraordinary.


That extraordinary life is already in you..

It's just waiting for you to wake up and notice!!