$111.00 USD

Need help with your money mindset as well? This prerecorded bundle is for you!! 40 minute masterclass on resetting your money mindset and a 25 minute masterclass on understanding debt, saving and budgeting! SO great if you are looking to leave the 9-5 and need to transform that money mindset!

CEO Intensive

Do you need additional support in your life when starting your business or leaving the 9-5? You are going to need this if you have been on the sidelines waiting to start..

Why invest in the CEO intensive and what is it?


The CEO intensive is 1 day voice support to iron out any ideas or issues you are having. We will solely focus on what is keeping you stuck and paralyzed and conquer it together so you have a solution by the end of the day to continue to keep moving forward.


Some things you can go over and iron out:

How to be more intentional with who you want to become

Map out your visions beyond your current circumstances  

Visualize your future best self, ceo, business owner

Help you understand your purpose

Hash out business ideas

Help find solution with a certain business issue


Lack of clarity is associated with negative emotions. That’s why self-awareness is so key to initial success. You have to know who you are, what you value and where you want to go. This knowledge will help you feel better about yourself. You have to have unambiguous and challenging goals. Specific and difficult goals increase performance. They energy us and lead to better satisfaction. 


This is for an aspiring entrepreneur who has been stuck on the sidelines, paralyzed, scared to make a change, don’t know where to start or someone who has a business and needs to jump start with an issue they have! Can also work for a current entrepreneur if they have a specific business problem or hurdle they need to get over. Grab it today!


A small investment for big leaps moving the needle towards a LIFE ON YOUR TERMS! 


Empowering you always!


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No refunds. 24 hour voice support starts when you date is agreed between two parties.