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It’s not the money that is stopping you from having this business and lifestyle YOU’RE obsessed with..Let me explain what it really is..

May 19, 2023
It’s not the money that is stopping you from having this business and lifestyle YOU’RE obsessed with..Let me explain what it really is..
It’s the BELIEF of not having money is. The BELIEF has power over you. Not the actual piece of paper.
Money and the BELIEF of money are two separate things. When you feel money has control over you, it is only your habitual thoughts and beliefs that have power over you.
 Here’s an exercise for proof. Think about the money that you do have or don’t, your debt, etc. Does it make you feel excited? Scared? Happy? Content?
Be brutally honest and then think about your answer. That was just a JUDGEMENT of a thought . Not money.
REACTION from your thoughts and how your nervous system reacts from money that you’ve been carrying around for freaking years!!
the fear OF money is only an insecurity that has been living in you for a longgg time. Money isn’t causing the fear. It’s just bringing the fear to surface.
And if you still think it’s a load of 💩 and you’re like, I’ve got bills bills bills , hear me out - if you think money is security and the only way you can have that is from your 9-5, you are SERIOUSLY blocking the creative ways your human brain can think and create opportunities!
So now that we have the knowledge that money and the BELIEF of money are two separate things.
Money is just a thing, it’s energy. It’s a neutral tool we use. There is no good or bad characteristic to it except what BELIEFS we are carrying around..
You dig me?
Let’s just say someone is in tons of debt and they win the lotto, and once they receive the lotto winnings and pay their debt off & still have a lot of money left over. But their thought isn’t like, “I’m so happy and grateful”, instead their thought is, “I hope I don’t lose this.” That’s why you hear people win the lotto & lose the money.
Even though the amount of money has changed, they still haven’t created and realized they have an INTERNAL amount of abundance.
Still the same fear that they have with no money is the same fear that they’re using buying private jets and all the other shit they really don’t want or need.
If you think money equals security, you are just f*cking up your nervous system and thinking that the only way that you are gonna be safe is with money. And with that only thought, you are blocking abundance!
You are literally blocking everything! Money flowing to you with ease, opportunities, high vibrations, leaving the 9-5 , etc!!
So what is security? You being fully present in this moment. It’s your acceptance of yourself. Your awareness. Your appreciation for life. Your unconditional love. These ASSETS make you invincible!!
The ego is constantly overlooking all these assets so it can create a reason that we chase more and more and more!
If you bring awareness to all the things that you have right now you will see that you are MASSIVELY abundant.
People are obsessively chasing the illusion of security. We can never been fully secure externally. Life is VERY temporary. The only place of real security that can happen is WITH YOU!!
Money is never the cause of the way you feel, it’s an effect.
Question to ask yourself: Am I unknowingly chasing an external circumstance goal as a protection from something painful?
You create your own reality and it starts with what’s inside and how you FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF!!!
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